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This weeks episode for [ profile] house_rewind is 'We Need the Eggs' (better known perhaps as 'House is interviewing for a new hooker') . It reminds me that I wrote a little ficlet based off the promo for that episode which I never posted publically. In the interest of clearing out old stuff here it is if anyone is interested.

AU - NC-17 House/Wilson

Dominika put her head in her hands as the latest candidate left the apartment. So far House had rejected every hooker, for reasons known only to him. Every lady was 'too short', or 'too tall', or had the 'wrong shoes', or spoke with the 'wrong accent', or walked wrong, or something. He was obviously in a full blown sulk about losing Emily to marriage and Dominika had had enough. She'd agreed to help but this endless parade of hookers through the apartment was too much.

While House recuperated with a couple of Vicodin and a nap she made some phone calls and found another candidate, one who she was sure House wouldn't find 'boring'. When the doorbell rang she got to it first and sized her selection up, yes they would do nicely. She steered them into the apartment and then went to the bedroom to get House.

House's eyes went wide as he looked at the candidate. Instead of a lady Dominika had found him a man. The hooker was tall, although not as tall as House, and was casually dressed in chinos and a polo top. He had a delightfully rumpled look about his appearance; she knew he'd been called in at short notice on his day off for this interview. He had soft brown eyes and an appealing, confident manner and he crossed straight to House and introduced himself, but didn't offer his hand, as though he already realised that House wasn't the 'shaking hands' type.

"James Wilson, I hear you're looking for a new hooker?"

House swallowed hard and looked at Dominika, his eyes practically screaming at her for help. She laughed inwardly, pleased to have the difficult man at a loss for words for once. She'd suspected ever since he'd turned down her advances that his tastes might actually run to a different flavour, whether he liked to admit it or not.

Receiving no help from Dominika, House turned to James and stared pointedly at his chest.

"Sorry - you're lacking in the essential equipment for what I'm after."

Dominika laughed and put a hand on James' arm.

"Maybe you should give him a quick demonstration, James. That might convince him that you have all the equipment that he needs."

James nodded and dropped to his knees gracefully, reaching out and unzipping House's pants. House stood still, looking stunned but not making any moves to stop him and when James looked up at him for permission House nodded his head stiffly.

James took out the cock that was already beginning to harden and engulfed it with his mouth. Dominika smiled at the gasp that escaped House. Yes, this was more like it.

It didn't take long, James had obviously had a lot of practice, and House had been without since Emily had resigned her position. Dominika watched with interest as House closed his eyes as the hot tongue worked around his cock and then tried to pull away and out, obviously on the edge of coming. James held his position, pulling House closer and when House came he swallowed it all, contentment on his own face. When it was over he gently released the cock, giving it a lick with his tongue and tucked it back into House's pants. He sat back on his heels, clearly satisfied with his performance.

House looked down at James and Dominika could see the familiar spark of an epiphany in his eyes. When House spoke it was with a voice filled with desire.

"You're hired."
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