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Title: Who Let the Dogs Out?
Characters: House & Wilson
Rating: PG (for a swear word)
Words: 500
Warnings: Shameless promotion of a Sick!Wilson event.
Genre: Cracky meta-fic
Summary: Wilson's having a nice quiet summer so far, but that's about to change...
Wilson's Health Status Cancer? What cancer?

It's July already, and nothing bad has happened to me )
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Title: Ee'd Plebnista
Characters: House/Wilson
Rating: PG-13
Words: 700
Genre: A little crackish, a little meta-ish with a tiny smidgeon of Wilson-angst
Summary: House & Wilson have settled down for a while in Williamstown. Wilson has found a new hobby.
Wilson's Health Status :There is a passing reference to Wilson having been cured otherwise the issue is ignored.

Author's Note: Set post-finale. Inspired by this post in[ profile] rsl_daily and also a comment made by [ profile] srsly_yes . Title is a reference to this scene from Star Trek.

The perfect union )
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Title: Wilson and the Syncopal Episode
Characters: House & Wilson
Rating: PG
Words 600

Summary:  For the Insta-Prompt challege at Camp Sick!Wilson. Prompt was House's cane can suddenly fly and Wilson ends up with syncope. Crackishness.

Read more... )
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Title: Varnished!
Characters: House/Wilson
Rating: PG
Words 970
Warnings: Crack all the way
Summary: It's that time of year again and Wilson takes preemptive action. House is not happy.

You might as well tell me what you've done )
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Title: A Nice Peaceful Summer
Characters: House, Wilson
Rating: PG
Spoilers: If you haven't seen the finale (is there anyone who hasn't?)
Words: Approx. 900
Summary: Wilson is looking forward to a better summer this year. A crack-ish meta-ish fic.

A/N - With thanks to [ profile] damigella_314 for reading and encouragement :)

Wilson is looking forward to a nice peaceful summer for once )
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Title: Spring Break
Characters: House/Wilson
Rating:PG-13, maybe bordering on R
Spoilers: Slight spoiler for 8.14 - Love Is Blind if you have no idea what the episode is about.
Words: approx 600
Summary: House's favourite website has been very slow lately...

It's been quiet... too quiet... )
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Title: It Can't Be Over
Author: menolly_au
Characters: House/Wilson
Rating: PG
Warnings: Crack, meta, extreme silliness
Spoilers: House has been cancelled ( had you heard?) Contains wild speculation for series end, none of it based on actual truth as far as I know.
Words: 600 ish
Summary:Wilson has heard that the series has been cancelled, he's happy, for a little while... A little crack fic as a reaction to the news.

Hey, House! Come and sit down, we're celebrating! )
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Title: One Day to Go
Author: menolly_au
Characters: House/Wilson
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: meta-ish, humour
Words: 100
Summary: House and Wilson discuss the hiatus and how the season will end. (No spoilers past aired episodes)

Notes: Written for the Seven day House challenge Day 7 : Humour drabble.

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Title: Once Upon a Time
Words: 1498
Rating : PG (for one use of a swear word)
Spoilers : End of season 7, cast members for season 8
Characters : House & Wilson friendship
Contains : Fluff, banter, weirdness

Summary : On the evening of Halloween Wilson is in hospital for overnight observation, he can't sleep so House tells him a bedtime story. Written for the [ profile] sick_wilson Halloween challenge

It was a dark and stormy night )
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Title: Four Years
Words: 885
Rating : G
Spoilers : Season 7
Characters: House & Wilson
Summary :  A small crack fic in honour of the 4th Birthday of  [ profile] sick_wilson  - inspired by this post.

Happy Birthday Sick_Wilson )
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Four ficlets written for the Easter Basket Fiction Exchange.  Headings and summaries behind the cut.

Four easter ficlets this way )
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Title: Wilson, the Cat and the Rubber Duck (as told by the duck)
Words: 836
Rating : PG for slight sexual innuendo
Spoilers : very vague allusions to a couple of events in 6th/7th season
Summary :  Wilson has a bath - with a rubber duck.

Written for the [ profile] sick_wilson   pic prompt challenge #3 (rubber duck)

A/N - Okay, this is very very silly but for these prompts I'm writing what comes to mind and this is what came to mind!

The rubber duck bobbed happily on top of the bathwater )
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Title: Camp Was Never Like This
Author: menolly_au
Words: 594
Rating : G

Summary : Wilson had a difficult time at Summer Camp this year

A little farewell fic for Camp Sick!Wilson
Camping was never like this... )
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Title: Be Not Afraid
Author: menolly_au
Words: 1322
Warnings : Extreme silliness and excessive pop culture references
Genre : Crack
Summary : Wilson has a dreadful disease which House must cure...

Written for the pop culture challenge at Camp Sick!Wilson which can be found here

Walk this way... )
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Title: House's Second Phone Call
Characters : Wilson & House
Rating: PG
Disclaimer - They don't belong to me

Summary - A totally tongue-in-cheek and crack fic to go with the Season 6 premiere. I loved it but this came to me. Not to be taken seriously.  House makes another phone call to Wilson.

Spoilers - For 6.1 & 6.2 - Broken

House makes another phone call.... )

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