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I loved that episode - totally enthralling!

I mean yes, unrealistic that Euros could do all that, total disappearance of baby until the end, poor treatment of female characters etc etc but it sucked me in totally. And let's face it - I'm only ever into a Sherlock Holmes series for Holmes and Watson interaction anyway (I wish they'd never bothered with Mary & the baby). And the ending gave us the same sort of resolution that House & Wilson got, but without the fatal prognosis. Best episode since the first in my eyes.

Anybody else see it?

Date: 2017-01-17 01:15 am (UTC)
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I just watched it.

I did find it enthralling. I have to say that I really liked the Musgrave Ritual call-backs and the idea that Sherlock "deleted" his memories of his sister because she had killed his best friend. It also made perfect sense to me that Moriarty learned so much about Sherlock from talking to her - and that he would gleefully assist in this last "game" before he took Sherlock down and killed himself. And I liked the way Sherlock imagined the whole plane situation from what she told him as the little girl, high above everyone else, but all alone and out of control.

I also liked how Sherlock and John interacted in this episode. When John beat him up in the previous one, I felt sick. We all know that John has a violent side, but I honestly couldn't see him blaming Sherlock for Mary's death and taking it out on him in that way.

But speaking of Mary's death, that was the single best bit about "The Six Thatchers." I actually breathed a sigh of relief at the end because at least we would never have to see her again. Holy shit, whose brilliant idea was it to keep bringing her back?? And as some kind of all-knowing saint who just wants to help her boys, no less?? UGH. I could totally see Sherlock being a manipulative bitch and faking/risking death in order to get his best friend back, but I *hated* the idea that she was the one to suggest it to him.

And the ending montage just seemed too pat. I never liked the ending of the first episode in which Lestrade announced that they were Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, cue dramatic music for the dynamic duo, and this was even worse, including Lestrade's comment that Sherlock was [now] not only a great man but a good one.

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Yeah, I was not a big fan of the first two episodes of this season - it was too soon for another friends break-up after season 3 opened with the same thing. And you're right - John beating Sherlock like that was totally over the top. John seemed different this season, I don't think the new look suited him.

Any small interest I had in Mary totally disappeared when she shot Sherlock to be honest and I wish she'd been written out then ( and with no baby).Didn't like the 'message from the grave' at all. I liked the montage but it would have been better without her voice-over.

But overall I really got into that episode whereas the other two in the season I found really dragged. What a totally screwed up family though!


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