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Title: Reflection
Characters: alt!Wilson (House & Wilson in a dream)
Rating: PG
Words: 550

Summary: This is set in the universe of Looking Glass which was invented/written by [ profile] blackmare and [ profile] nightdog_barks. While our Wilson was sharing some of the memories of his counterpart, his counterpart was sharing memories of a friend he never had.

Thanks to Blackmare and Nightdog for opening their universe for others to play in! This uses the 'dream' prompt from the sick!wilson bingo card.

He wakes up with a strange name on his lips. )
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Title: Every Time
Characters: House/Wilson
Rating: PG-13
Words: 700
Warnings: Choose Not to Warn - but no character death.
Summary: With Wilson's time running out House has a decision to make.
Wilson's Health Status He's sick, but he doesn't die.

Author's Notes: Yet another post-finale scenario although this one isn't very likely. Also answering a weekly prompt from [ profile] hw_prompts but saying which one would be a spoiler :)

This will be the last night, House thinks. )
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Title: All the Ways Duncan Changed His Life
Characters: House & Wilson, Duncan
Rating: PG
Words: 2700
Wilson's Health Status Wilson still has cancer, but it is detected earlier and treatment is successful.

Summary: What if Duncan was really Wilson's son?

Author's Notes : It's Father's Day here so I thought I'd finish off this story which I've had hanging around for ages. Dedicated to my Dad (although he'll never see it!). Happy Father's Day, Dad.

I have an eleven year old son )
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Title: Doing Time
Characters: House & Wilson
Rating: PG
Words: 1500
Genre: Angst, mostly conversation
Summary: During some down time in their road trip Wilson asks House about his prison experiences.
Wilson's Health Status :Wilson is still dying and slowly getting worse. There is no cure in sight and his impending death is referenced.

What was it like? Prison? Solitary? You never talked about it. )
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Title: The Case of the German Porn
Characters: House/Wilson
Rating: PG-13
Words: 1073
Genre: Humour, Parody

Summary: When Wilson is stuck in a hospital bed he sends House on an important mission - to clear his apartment of porn.

Author's Note This was written for a prompt by [ profile] discofunction in[ profile] hw_prompts. Prompt can be found here.

Wilson groaned as he adjusted his position in the bed. )
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Title: Keep Bleeding
Characters: House & Wilson
Rating: PG
Words : Eight drabbles of one hundred words each + an extra
Warnings : Angst
Summary : Eight drabbles each dealing with a different emotional hurt Wilson has suffered

Author's Notes: For the Emotional Hurt Challenge at Camp Sick!Wilson. Title is from the song used in [ profile] petitecuriosity's video introducing the challenge (Keep Bleeding - Leona Lewis).

You cut me open and I keep bleeding )
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Title: Wilson and the Syncopal Episode
Characters: House & Wilson
Rating: PG
Words 600

Summary:  For the Insta-Prompt challege at Camp Sick!Wilson. Prompt was House's cane can suddenly fly and Wilson ends up with syncope. Crackishness.

Read more... )
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Title: Win or Lose
Characters: House & Wilson friendship
Rating: PG
Words 1380
Warnings : None

Summary: An AU where House calls an ambulance for Wilson during the home chemo treatment in The C Word.

Author's Note For the ‘coma’ box in the Trope challenge. Uses some quotes from 'The C Word'.

What the hell were you thinking, House? )
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Title: Enough
Characters: House & Wilson ambiguous
Rating: PG
Words : 480
Warnings : Second person POV. AU Weirdness.

Summary: Wilson has been working for days, he's reached his limit and House is there.

Author's Note: This is for the 'working to exhaustion' box in the sick!wilson camp  Trope Bingo challenge.

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Title: The Person You Want
Characters: House & Wilson friendship
Rating: PG
Words 7530
WarningsThe last scene contains reference to the events of the finale (so Wilson has cancer), the rest is set in season six.

Summary: When Wilson donates part of his liver to Tucker, House is there for him. Missing scenes from the episode Wilson.

Author's Note Started this a couple of years ago but I’m going to claim it for the ‘bedside vigil’ box in the Trope challenge :) Thank you to [ profile] petitecuriosity for reading through an earlier draft. My flist may recognise this from the WIP post a few months ago – thank you all for your input and encouragement then.

If you die, I’m alone. )
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Title: Have a Heart
Characters: Wilson, Cuddy
Rating: PG
Spoilers: This didn't happen on House :)
Words Approx 1700
Warnings: Offscreen death of House
Summary: "You were in an accident; you've been unconscious for a couple of days. You're badly hurt but you're going to be okay." A Halloween fic.

A/N Thanks to [ profile] srsly_yes, [ profile] sassyjumper, [ profile] cuddyclothes, [ profile] readingrat, and [ profile] barefootpuddles for their valuable input on the first draft of this.

Written for the Halloween challenge at [ profile] sick_wilson

He doesn't remember the accident )
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Title: Lazarus
Characters: House/Wilson
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Spoilers: Season 8 Finale
Words Approx 7200
Warnings: None
Summary: House & Wilson retain the services of a small time lawyer to help them with their legal troubles.

A/N The first thousand words of this have been previously posted under the same title, I extended it by another six thousand words or so :)

This is a crossover between an as yet unnamed television pilot and House MD. Thanks to [ profile] sheppa for posting this interesting bit of news.

Well, to start with, we're both dead, but we got better )
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Title: Moving Forward
Characters: House/Wilson, Foreman
Rating: PG-13 to M
Words: Approx 9500
Spoilers: For the final arc.
Summary: With Wilson’s time running out he and House catch a lift to the future in search of a cure for Wilson.

A/N : Contains a reference to the method of time travel used in Back To the Future but no further knowledge of that movie is necessary to read this. LJ Cut text is a quote from the movie.
This is a (very late) entry to the Cure!Wilson challenge at Camp Sick!Wilson.
Many thanks to [ profile] damigella_314 for reading over my shoulder from half a world away and for her useful suggestions, diplomatic corrections to my punctuation and word usage, and encouraging me to keep going rather than call the story done after the first two thousand words. So if you think it should be a lot shorter blame her :)

If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything )
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Title: Close Call
Characters: House/Wilson, Tritter
Rating: PG-13 - some rough and homophobic language
Spoilers: None
Words Aprox 1300
Summary: Wilson has a close call. Written for the WIP Swap challenge for camp sick!Wilson. Continues a fic started by [ profile] srsly_yes. Their original story is in italics at the beginning of the story.

Why did ya’ do it? )
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Title: Referred Pain and Tent
Characters: House, Wilson
Rating: G
Spoilers: End of season 7
Summary: Two drabbles for camp challenges

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Title: His Choice
Characters: Wilson, mentions of Wilson/Amber
Rating: PG
Words: approx 300
Spoilers: Up to Holding On
Summary: Wilson visits Amber and tells her his choice.

Written for the camp Sick!Wilson Transformation challenge. I've taken a lovely icon done by [ profile] jahmat and turned it into a ficlet. I've also done a macro from their icon which is included at the end.

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Title: Post Mortem - End Scene Rewrite
Characters: House & Wilson
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Up to and including Post Mortem
Summary: I didn't like the end of Post Mortem so I rewrote it :) Done for the Script writing challenge at camp Sick!Wilson.

I took the script format from the Ocam's Razor script

Alternative ending for Post-Mortem )
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Title: Camping - It's As Easy as ABC
Characters: House & Wilson
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Words: Approx 1080
Summary: Wilson and House go camping, Wilson has a strange sort of day.

Written for the 'ABC to XYZ Challenge' challenge at Camp Sick!Wilson. Uses all the prompts in order.

It's as easy as ABC )
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Title: Chicken Soup
Characters: House & Wilson
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: For the C-Word
Words: Two drabbles of 100 hundred words each
Summary: It's the only bit of comfort House knows how to give.

Written for the 'Meet Me in the Mess Hall' challenge at Camp Sick!Wilson.

His hands work quickly )
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Title: Divine Intervention
Characters: House & Wilson
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: For the finale
Words: approx 1800
Warnings : Contains religious themes - no offense is meant to anyone's religious beliefs or lack thereof.
Summary: It's been a few months since the finale and the end is coming for Wilson. The last person House wants to see is Amber.

A/N - Thanks to [ profile] damigella_314 for reading, suggestions, full stop insertion and reassurance :)

This story came out of a conversation in the Six Word Stories challenge at Camp Sick!Wilson.

This is an entry in the Cure!Wilson challenge at Camp Sick!Wilson.

I wish you'd stay dead )

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