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Just coming over here to update my LJ import and I thought I'd see who is around. Anyone here?
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I loved that episode - totally enthralling!

Spoilers! )

Anybody else see it?
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Title: Twice Around the Garden
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: PG-13ish
Words: Approx 2300

Summary: A sequel to Once Around the Garden. House needs his lawn mowing. Wilson obliges.

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Title: Once Around the Garden
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: PG
Words: Approx 1700
Contains: Canon typical levels of incompetent child-minding and disparagement of a small child.

Summary: Written for the Career Day Challenge at [ profile] house_wilson . An AU where House is a manny and Wilson is a gardener.

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Title: Why House loves the Colour Green
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: PG-13
Words: Approx 1000
Contains: Green stuff. A gratuitous reference to a TV show that didn't exist at the time this story was set.

Summary: It's St. Patrick's Day and Wilson has some roses, and a message, for House.

Notes: This is a sequel to Why Julie Doesn't Like Green (and how House knew about it) . Written for the Positively House/Wilson Challenge and St. Patrick's Day.

House opened the door to find Wilson standing there, a bouquet of roses in one hand and a six pack of beer in the other. )
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This weeks episode for [ profile] house_rewind is 'We Need the Eggs' (better known perhaps as 'House is interviewing for a new hooker') . It reminds me that I wrote a little ficlet based off the promo for that episode which I never posted publically. In the interest of clearing out old stuff here it is if anyone is interested.

AU - NC-17 House/Wilson

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Silly little ficlet written for the picture prompt challenge at [ profile] house_memories

The fellows stopped dead as they entered the conference room. There, in the middle of the table, were three milkshakes, in three different flavours, each topped with a generous amount of whipped cream and a cherry.

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Title: Two, To Share
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: PG-13
Words: 9000
Contains: Fluff and fluffy angst

Summary: After the events in A Coffee House in Princeton Wilson finds himself facing an unexpected crisis, and has to juggle the needs of both his brother and his new partner - Greg House.

Notes: This is a sequel to A Coffee House in Princeton

Greg House moved in with him a week later )
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Title: Unbreakable
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: PG-13
Words: 3500
Genre: AU - very AU! Hurt/comfort. Slavery, forced combat, a little bit of this, a little bit of that.
Summary: When Cuddy purchased a pair of mated doctors for her hospital she didn't think they'd be this much trouble. However she's found the perfect punishment for House's misdeeds - throwing Wilson to the proverbial lions.

Notes: Written for the February hc-bingo mini challenge. The deadline was 28th February so I just missed that :) Prompts were Cages, Combat, Slaves. The intial idea was sparked by a conversation with [ profile] readingrat but don't blame her for the result :)

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So a while back I co-wrote with petitecuriosity a couple of season 7 AU fics where both Wilson and Cuddy came to House at the end of Help Me and they all started a relationship together.

We never did write the third story that we planned but I did get to write the scene where the three of them go and see the Human Resources guy. We're doing that episode (Selfish) on house_rewind this week and it reminded me of the scene, so I thought why not put it here.

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Just woke up to the news that Leonard Nimoy has died. I can't even think what to say. Star Trek and particularly Spock were my first fandom and a big part of my life when I was a late teenager right through until the early 2000s. The first thing I did on my first foray into the internet was type 'Star Trek' into yahoo. (And got a bazillion results which I had no idea what to do with :) My first internet posted story was Kirk/Spock. I moved on from the fandom eventually but never moved on from my love of Spock.

It seems crazy to say about a fictional character but Spock will always hold a special place in my heart and Leonard Nimoy will always be Spock for me. I'm so sad that he's gone - it's the passing of an era.

RIP Leonard Nimoy, you will be missed :(
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Okay, I just have to share this because it's so ironic.

So, there's a hurt/comfort bingo community that's running a mini challenge in February where you sign up and get three prompts that you have to work into the one story. So I thought, okay, I can do that.  And I'm feeling a bit burnt out after writing three long slave AU fics back to back as [ profile] tailkinker_au. This might be a good excuse to write some nice illness/injury and a bit of comfort for the guys. Some old school H/W as it were.

So I asked for a card and this is what I got.

combat slaves

It just made me laugh :)

Although I must admit it does give me ideas....
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Title: A Coffee House in Princeton
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: PG
Words: 6700
Contains: Fluff
Genre: Coffee-shop AU except it didn't really end up being about the coffee shop...
Summary: Of all the coffee houses in Princeton James Wilson wandered into the one where House was working. The mysterious brown eyed guy who sits in the window is a puzzle and House can never resist a puzzle.

Notes: This is a pre-infarction AU. Thanks to my flist for encouragement :)

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I remember someone saying after the first snippet I posted that they'd read more even if it was just meandering dialogue - so here, have some meandering dialogue with a tiny smidgeon of plot :-)  Still not finished but I think if I can think up some plot resolution I probably will finish it at some stage.

House/Wilson, no warnings Pg-13 )
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Title: They Can Be Heroes
Author: menolly_au
Prompt: James Wilson goes into a bar and meets... David Nolan/Prince Charming
Fandoms: House MD / Once Upon a Time
Word count: Approx 2800
Rating/Contents: PG
Pairing : Greg House/James Wilson
Wilson's Health:
Wilson has cancer at the start of the story, it's miraculously cured by the end.

Summary: When he set out on a road trip with House Wilson wasn't expecting to end up in Storybrooke.

Authors Notes - Takes place after Everybody Dies (season finale) for House MD and in no particular season for Once Upon a Time.
Written for the [ profile] intoabar ficathon.

Wilson, you're not in Kansas anymore )
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Title: Together
Characters: House/Wilson
Rating: PG
Words: 600

Summary: Sometimes you need to stop running. Set in the same vague apocalyptic universe as Enough and Without . Written for the Sick!Wilson RenFest Trick-or-Treat Challenge

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Random snippet of fic I wrote which I'm posting here because why not? It probably won't go any further but I just wanted to write something.

No warnings - AU.

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Title: Without
Characters: House/Wilson
Rating: PG
Words: 200 (Double drabble)

Summary: When you've lost everything all you can do is hold on to each other. Set in the same universe as Enough but later in the timeline.

Written for Sick!Wilson Bingo challenge - prompts are blanket, piano, sun, power outage, dream.

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Title: Reflection
Characters: alt!Wilson (House & Wilson in a dream)
Rating: PG
Words: 550

Summary: This is set in the universe of Looking Glass which was invented/written by [ profile] blackmare and [ profile] nightdog_barks. While our Wilson was sharing some of the memories of his counterpart, his counterpart was sharing memories of a friend he never had.

Thanks to Blackmare and Nightdog for opening their universe for others to play in! This uses the 'dream' prompt from the sick!wilson bingo card.

He wakes up with a strange name on his lips. )
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Title: Who Let the Dogs Out?
Characters: House & Wilson
Rating: PG (for a swear word)
Words: 500
Warnings: Shameless promotion of a Sick!Wilson event.
Genre: Cracky meta-fic
Summary: Wilson's having a nice quiet summer so far, but that's about to change...
Wilson's Health Status Cancer? What cancer?

It's July already, and nothing bad has happened to me )
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